Monday, April 9, 2007

Play Time and Story Time!

Well, we made another quick trick 500 miles to see our grandchildren again. My husband and I are all wore out after a night in a motel room with just two of our grandchildren. We have one that will be 2, April 22 and one that will be 1 May 23. Our children decided to go out together and we had fun with the grandchildren, but I don't remember it being this much work when I was parenting. I'm only the age of some mothers these days too, that's pretty bad, I feel so old and tired after running after a very active 10 month old. He is walking a little about 4 or 5 steps at a time, but he can crawl very fast and he gets into everything. We are cherishing this time though, just 2 days, and back home. One of our board members called us while we were giving baths and getting them both ready for bed, after talking to him he said it sounds like those grandkids are more work than taking care of 4 troubled teen age boys. At the time the little one had crawled back into the bathroom got his pj's soaking wet and the other phone was ringing, and I was trying to get a diaper and pj's on the older one. I really don't remember it being this much work and I use to babysit somedays 12 children at a time about 18 years ago. I guess I'm use to the mouth problems instead of changing diapers, falling down on things getting hurt, or picking something up and putting it in their mouth that shouldn't be there. But I wouldn't trade this time these 2 days for nothing it is so much fun, to cuddle, rock, and love these grandkids. Here is a picture of grandpa holding them both at a show we went to this afternoon, and grandma reading them their bedtime story.

Can't wait to spend another day tomorrow with these precious little ones that God has blessed us with. We will get to see the other two tomorrow too. I think we are going to a pizza play place. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!


Donnetta said...

WHEW... just reading this made me exhasusted! :-)

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I hope it continues!!

robin said...

Oh Grandma Cathy~~~~~~

You are in your element! It might be hard....yes, it is hard. But you were born to be "Grandma Cathy"!
I can read it in your words and see it in your pictures.

And Jim must be holding a couple of clones?!! Hello. Wow!

You better just hold, hug on and live for those grandbabies while you are there!!!! Think about the nap on your way home.

"The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children after them." Proverbs 20:7

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