Saturday, December 29, 2007

Relaxing! or Worrying?

Christmas is over and my hubby and I are having a great time of just sitting back, doing a whole lot of nothing, while the boys are home with their families. All though we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for the CALL........ Our daughter is due January 11th but the doctor said on Wednesday that she probably will see her in the hospital before her next appointment on the 2nd of January. So we are waiting........ waiting............. wondering.............. maybe a little of worrying......No I didn't just say that, did I? Well tonight, at about 5:00 my daughter wouldn't answer her phone, her husband is at work, and I tried again and again and again but no answer. So I took off with our SUV because there was several inches of snow on the ground and our dead end road still hadn't been plowed to go 4 miles to her house to check on her. She had her phone on silent in the afternoon when she was holding her sleeping, little 19 month old who has ear infection. She forgot to change the ring, so she missed my 10 calls I made to her. She just laughed and her husband told her over the phone that I needed to take a chill pill. Okay mothers out there, would you have done the same thing? Come on I need some help out there. I know God's word says Matthew 6:25 "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life ?" But I truly am human is there any other human out there? Especially a mom. I sure hope Dylan's medicine kicks in for that ear infection before she has to go have his baby brother, because he will be pretty cranky without him mommy for a couple days. I sure hope the weather cooperates when that little guy decides to join us. I.......... oh there I am doing it again. Sorry, I guess I really am human. If you can, please say a little prayer for me while I'm sitting back relaxing doing a whole lot of nothing but thinking about when this little guy is going to join us. Thanks hope you all have a Happy New Year! If I don't come back before the new year to show off our little bundle of joy.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What would you put in the box?

This little guy just loves to get inside the toy box and play with the toys inside the box, isn't he so cute?

Looking at this picture tonight reminded me of a new tradition I want to try to start this year for Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Do I give Jesus a birthday present since it is his birthday? We used to make a birthday cake when our children were little, but I think we need to start doing something differently. I am going to wrap up a beautiful box and put it under the tree and before opening up presents we are going to write on a peace of paper what we are going to give Jesus for HIS PRESENT and put them in the box! Then we can go on with our tradition of finding baby Jesus, the Christmas Story and then open presents. Then maybe it will seem more like Jesus' Birthday. What about you do you have any Christmas traditions you would like to share with me? I would love to hear about them.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Old not Young

I've really been feeling like a grandma lately because I've been down flat on my back. When I did get up to walk I was bent over like an old lady or sometime I would even crawl to get from point a to point b. My little 18 month old grandson would just stare at me. He didn't know what to think. I think I'm on the mend after the last three days of being so doped up on muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills and pain pills that I wasn't sure where I was. I am going to have to go off the muscle relaxers tomorrow during the day, because I have got to try to get something accomplished. Hopefully I don't overdue it. Just wanted to write a little about how I have been feeling like an old grandma lately not a young one. God put me flat on my back so I remember to look up to Him. I thank Him for bringing me out of another back flare up without surgery.

Climb that "thang!"

I wrote this post back in January of 2007  and I still have those pesky bugs and the enemy is still trying to rob me of my joy on a weekly ...