Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Old not Young

I've really been feeling like a grandma lately because I've been down flat on my back. When I did get up to walk I was bent over like an old lady or sometime I would even crawl to get from point a to point b. My little 18 month old grandson would just stare at me. He didn't know what to think. I think I'm on the mend after the last three days of being so doped up on muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills and pain pills that I wasn't sure where I was. I am going to have to go off the muscle relaxers tomorrow during the day, because I have got to try to get something accomplished. Hopefully I don't overdue it. Just wanted to write a little about how I have been feeling like an old grandma lately not a young one. God put me flat on my back so I remember to look up to Him. I thank Him for bringing me out of another back flare up without surgery.

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