Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm thankful it was DEHYDRATION!

Arrived here in Texas yesturday at noon, my grandson was having quite a few loose stools. My daughter woke up this morning feeling nausiated, we were wondering if she was starting to have morning sickness. She was sick the whole pregnancy with Dylan. The day went on and she was vomitting all day and started to join Dylan with the loose stools, then we were pretty sure it was the stomache flu. Dylan decided to join mommy with the vomitting. We decided a couple hours ago Cassie needed to be checked out, she wasn't keeping anything down, and she was having pain in her back around to her stomache. They put her on an IV and did some blood work, to check her counts for galbladder, pancreas and liver. The bloodwork came back fine other than having a urinary tract infection, and they said she was dehydrated from the stomache flu. We were a little concerned about the baby, because she had a miscarriage before Dylan, so that's why I'm thankful it was DEHYDRATION! She is on her way back home, and will need to be in bed and on a clear liquid diet for tomorrow. So I'm here to take care of my baby when she needs me. Dylan hasn't vomitted for about 7 hours now, and is sleeping peacefully so hopefully he is about over this. Please continue to pray for our visit here in Texas, it has started out pretty crazy. But so thankful we are here to help out!

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Donnetta said...

How nice you could be there to help out during this time! Glad to hear it sounds like the baby is ok!!

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