Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My most memorable Valentine Day!

Psalm 89:28 (New International Version)
"I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail."

Several years ago I was riding in a GMC pickup truck next to the love of my life on our way to a steak dinner for Valentines Day. The night before he told me all he got me was a card (1) for valentine's day because that was all he could afford. I responded with something like "that is fine I don't need anything else I have you." So we are driving along the highway sitting next to each other on a bench seat in the pickup and all of the sudden he says, open up the glove compartment. So I open it up and there is a wrapped present in there. You said you weren't getting me anything. He just had this huge grin on his face. So I opened the present up and right away, I'm like I can't believe this did he get me a ring? I saw this gold jewelry box (2) that had a picture of me and him on the lid when I opened it and it played the song "we've only just begun" then I saw a bunch of tore up tissues in the ring department. I started pulling them out and my heart was beating so hard I couldn't believe it, I was so excited. Then I got to the bottom of it and there was nothing. So I turned the music box on again and said this is so neat thank you. I'm sure now thinking about how foolish I must have looked he was probably laughing very hard underneath, but he didn't let it excape. So I start looking out the window and enjoying the ride and all of the sudden he throws me this little stuffed bear that says "I wuv you!" on the front of his belly. I looked at it and hugged it and said oh, this is so cute, Thank you I wuv it! Then I sat it down on the seat and he said, "Pick it up and look at it." I said, "I did, it is so cute." Then he used his deeper voice and said once again, "No, Cathy look at it close." So I picked it up and looked at it again and all of the sudden I saw something sparkle and my engagement ring was on the arm of the teddy bear. (3)

I'm sure I started crying and wiped my eye's on his sleeve, and tried kissing him as we were still driving down the highway. After I settled down we got to talking and we had to be back to his house in a couple hours so he could milk the cows, and I wanted to go to my house so I could show my mom and dad the ring. So I said, "Jim, can we just go to McDonalds drive through instead of for that steak dinner, we just don't have the time." He responded with, "If I take you to McDonalds for dinner the day that I ask you to marry you I will never live it down." Guess what 25 years ago today this took place and I do still remind him that he took me to McDonalds the day he ask me to marry him. We were so young then, still in High School and we got married that September. We had several people tell us we were too young, and it would never last, but here I am 25 years later going to be sitting next to the love of my life on Valentine's Day at McDonalds. Oh, I'm probably not really, he might take me to Wendy's. No really I don't know if he will even take me anywhere for dinner, but that's okay I still WUV him!


robin said...

I had no idea Jim was that romantic!

Maybe since this is the 25th anniversary of your engagement....he'll make you go have a steak with him.

At least go somewhere where someone comes to the table and takes your order!!!

I love that story. Love it that you were high school sweet hearts. It's so sweet that I'm almost nauseous! LOL!

Just goes to show you what a lot of God plus a good dose of stubborness can do for a life-long marriage!

Happy Valentine's Day you Love Birds! Have a great trip to see those kids and grandbabies.

Crystal said...

What an awesome story....thanks for sharing

Girl Raised in the South said...

This is an adorable story. You two obviously know whats really important. With the right company, McDonalds or Wendys can be a perfect date. Or place to propose for that matter.

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