Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2007 New Years Meditations!

Laurel Wreath invited us to post on our site about our hopes, dreams, and goals for the next year. What a great way to look at New years resolutions in a much different way.
I have been struggling with my prayer life for quite sometime and I have been so excited since Sunday morning service about the year 2007 and my prayer life. Since then, I have been reading What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson and Too Busy Not To Pray by Bill Hybels and also the Busy Grandma's Guide to Prayer by Lisa Whelchel & Gentry Coleman, which I mentioned in my previous post "I will always be a mom but now I'm a Grandma!" The funny thing is I have already read the first two books I mentioned here and done a bible study on both of them. However, it's time to blow the dust off them and study them again, because I'm ready to Hear from Heaven in 2007! Our Pastor challenged us on New Years Eve to Discover the Dynamite and pray like we have never prayed before and Hear from Heaven in 2007. I'm excited because I believe that prayer is dynamite when it is lit on fire, and I'm ready for my pray life to explode in 2007, because I do want to hear from Heaven in 2007! My hope is that my prayer life will do what I'm dreaming it's going to do as I reach my goal of Hearing from Heaven in 2007!
Thank you God for the excitement you have put back in my life, as you carried us through 2006 in our ministry my husband and I are in, struggling financially to keep the doors open, and the way you ended our year with great encouragement financially. God is good and still in the Miracle working business so if you would like to read about some miracles take a look at our ministries website Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch, Inc. Where Miracles are still happening Today!


lrlwreath said...


I LOVE the book Too Busy Not To Pray by Bill Hybels, this one really changed my way I approach prayer. I read it years ago, but I agree it is a great book to get out time and time again.

Thank you so much for joining me. Prayer is something I am always trying to work on also.

Have a wonderful Happy New Year.

Donnetta said...

Probably one of the most important (if not the most important) goals a person could have!!!

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